Meet Bradley Fry

Meet Bradley Fry, the dynamic and passionate owner of PinProsPlus. An embodiment of legacy and innovation, Bradley has been an integral part of the PinProsPlus family for over 15 years, progressing from an entry-level role to the leadership position he proudly holds today.

Bradley's journey with PinProsPlus began in high school when he served on the photo dome production line, gaining invaluable insights into our core operations. His tenure continued into his college years as he took on the role of a customer sales representative, deepening his understanding of our clients and their unique needs.

Upon earning both his bachelor's and master's degrees in Accounting, Bradley ventured into the financial technology sector. There, he honed his skills as an auditor and accountant, acquiring a solid foundation in financial management and business strategy.

In July 2022, after years of consideration and enriched by diverse professional experiences, Bradley made the decisive move to take the helm at PinProsPlus, purchasing the business from his father, Craig. This marked the start of a new chapter for the company, bringing a fresh vision fueled by his commitment to honor its longstanding legacy.

As the owner, Bradley revels in building and nurturing relationships with customers. His genuine enthusiasm for exploring novel ideas for pins keeps our portfolio innovative and unique. Every new project that comes through the door is a testament to the creativity and quality that PinProsPlus delivers, something Bradley finds immense pride in.

Bradley has a particular fondness for soft enamel pins, especially those with black dye metal, reflecting his appreciation for the craftsmanship that characterizes PinProsPlus.

When Bradley isn’t steering the company to new heights, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors, creating memories on travels with his family, and indulging in his love for sports. As a leader, a family man, and an avid sports fan, Bradley Fry is the heart and soul of PinProsPlus, continually driving us towards excellence with his infectious passion and unwavering dedication.

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