Meet Erol Delman

Meet Erol Delman, the seasoned Art Director at PinProsPlus. Erol’s artistic prowess and leadership have been an integral part of our story since 2005.

Beginning his journey as a Graphic Artist, Erol quickly showcased his ability to turn abstract concepts into visually striking designs. Recognizing his talent and commitment, he was soon elevated to the position of Art Director. In this role, Erol seamlessly blends his artistic vision with his aptitude for leadership, guiding our team of artists while fostering strong relationships with our clients.

What brings Erol the most joy in his role is the opportunity to create timeless keepsakes. He finds immense satisfaction in transforming our clients' ideas into beautifully crafted products, often treasured as mementos that endure the test of time. Over the years, Erol has worked with people from all walks of life, amassing a wealth of heartwarming memories and enriching experiences. Each customer he serves leaves a lasting imprint, further fueling his passion for his craft.

Erol's creativity extends beyond his professional life. An avid lover of music, he relishes playing the guitar, adding a melodic rhythm to his life. His adventurous spirit is reflected in his love for mountain biking and surfing, activities that keep him connected to nature. Indeed, his bond with the outdoors is so profound that he was recently befriended by a visiting owl!

Erol Delman’s contribution to PinProsPlus is immeasurable. His artistic vision, dedication to customer satisfaction, and passion for his craft make him an irreplaceable member of our team. His designs aren't just products; they are cherished keepsakes that carry a piece of Erol’s creativity and dedication.

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