How Corporations use Custom Coins

October 16, 2023

A custom coin is an excellent tool for brands looking to engage, inspire and motivate employees.

For Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc (Tyson), PinProsPlus designed a challenge coin that has won the hearts of many in the company's pork division.

The company awards this custom coin to members when they go above and beyond the call of duty. The challenge coin has become a coveted award in the company.

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‍Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc found the perfect way

Several Tyson employees who are former military men, have received them, and the Tyson coin sits atop their display rack of coins. The Tyson challenge coin is highly distinguishable. Tyson's team members have enjoyed and appreciated the uniqueness of this coin.

The Tyson customized challenge coin is designed with the words "Thank you for making a difference" on the front. The Logansport community and location are represented on the reverse side of the coin. An Iron Horse emblem represents the tough and powerful resolve of the people of the town.

The coin's striking design is symbolic of the values of the company. This makes it an object of pride among awardees. The company continues to use this challenge coin to honor individuals and their outstanding contributions to their team, community, and company.

Tyson recognizes and rewards each team member's hard work, loyalty, and dedication. The unique challenge coin symbolizes their identity, values, and shared success!

In the recipient's hand or pocket, the challenge coin is more than a piece of coinage. It's a mark of honor. It's a unique and unforgettable symbol of appreciation and pride.

Current Tyson coin recipients are team members who have demonstrated the highest level of Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, and Compassion. By appreciating teams with the challenge coin, Tyson has created a much friendlier and inspiring workplace for all employees. Given the high uptake and appreciation of the Tyson challenge coin, the company has requested for more coins to keep this successful program going.

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