How Do Ski Resorts Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Ski resorts have used custom pins for decades to make their resorts more fun, exciting, and memorable.

Beyond the obvious benefit of raising funds for charity, resorts also use trading pins to reward their visitors, promote their events, and increase customer loyalty.

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People love to collect things, and what better way to give them something that they can wear home with pride? A great way to enhance the branding of your ski resort is through custom pins. Also, when you offer custom pins that are unique and creative, people will be more likely to share them on social media, which means more exposure for your resort.


When you have a large group of people coming into a ski resort, it can be hard to tell exactly who it is, especially if the school is far away. By offering custom-designed pins that focus on the trip's theme or the school, you can help identify groups of people quickly and efficiently. This helps with lost skiers and makes it easier for your employees to identify their students when needed.

Ski Levels

Custom pins are an excellent way to show off and display your students' ski-level accomplishments. You can design and create different pins for each level of skiing that they have mastered and hand them out with pride after completing each challenge. It's an excellent incentive for students to keep moving forward and learning new skills because they know there will be a pin waiting for them at the end!


Resorts often order morale pins for their staff to wear during work as a form of unity and team building. This design features a snowboarder flying high above a mountain landscape - perfect for this wintery environment!

Rewarding repeat visitors

Ski resorts offer custom pins as part of their annual snowflake pin collections. Visitors can come back year after year and collect all the resort's yearly snowflake pins. The collectors can wear these pins as a badge of honor, showing how many times they've visited the resort. It also creates excitement and enthusiasm around visiting the resort every year so that guests can get the latest snowflake pin in the series.

Ski School Accomplishment

Awarding custom pins to kids at the end of their ski school lesson is a fun way to cap off the day. Pins are a great alternative to medals or trophies, especially for young kids who might not be able to keep track of them.

Parents will appreciate how easy it is for their children to locate and wear their pins on the slopes and back home. And giving them an award at the end of each lesson will help keep kids motivated and excited about learning to ski.

Annual snowflake pin collections

Snowflake pin collections are another way ski resorts use custom pins to engage with visitors. Each year, skiers and boarders receive a special snowflake pin for visiting a specific resort every day. Since many people take multiple trips each season, these snowflakes become highly coveted collectibles that visitors love to display on their jackets, hats, and bags throughout the season.

As Passes

Most ski resorts use plastic cards or paper passes, but a more unique way of doing this is by using custom-made pins. Like with the event promotion, the pins must look attractive and exciting enough for people to want them. The design might include the resort's logo, the year, and an image of something that represents the resort.

This gives them an easy way to identify customers who have paid for access or season passes, so they don't have to check IDs or scan tickets every time someone gets on the lift.

As part of the safety program (safety reminders)

Ski-resorts are all about having fun, but safety is very important in this sport. For example, if you accidentally fall down in deep snow, you need to know how to survive until help arrives (you don't want your vacation to end tragically).

Ski resorts can create custom pins that contain useful safety messages and reminders to be safe while skiing. The backside of the pin can carry insignia that illustrate safety best practices.

Easter and holiday celebrations

Each season, ski resorts host several events. Die-hard skiers will be out in their jeans and parkas on Thanksgiving Day to get first runs down the slopes. The season's last run is followed by a celebration with hot wings, music, and beer. There are also scavenger hunts, costume contests, bar crawls, and race events throughout the season. Custom lapel pins are handed out to participants as rewards or prizes.

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