How do Fraternities Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

A sense of camaraderie among brothers is sparked when participating in fraternities, which bolsters self-esteem, encourages teamwork, and fosters a feeling of self-worth.

"Pledges" are new members that are recruited with custom lapel pins. Fraternities use pins to generate interest in their organizations by wearing them in highly visible areas. They are souvenirs meant to be treasured.

PinProsPlus fraternity pins are designed and delivered on. With us, creating your own Greek letter pin or badge is easy and quick with Signature Pins. We have years of creating Greek letters for chapters all over the world. Here are the many applications of custom pins in fraternities:

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‍A sign of friendships and brotherhood

Friendships formed through fraternity memberships usually differ from friendships developed during schooling. Maybe it's because of the shared values or the shared experiences in your Greek organization. Custom pins remind members and symbolize these lasting friendships.

Dedication to service

Community service is an integral part of Greek life. You may be required to volunteer each semester at your Greek community or organize an annual fundraiser to support nonprofits. Custom fraternity pins are a symbol of pride, showing how members get involved while in school.

Support network

Every college student knows the importance of asking questions about classes, professors, and majors. Students in fraternities may be able to provide you with valuable information on classes, faculty, and departments. When they are wearing their pins, you will know them easily.

Bursting stereotypes

Despite the fantastic work that fellow students do throughout their lives, their portrayal in society is unfortunate. You can prove these stereotypes wrong by joining a fraternity or sorority, doing good deeds, and donning a stylish pin that announces your commitment and accomplishments.

Social events

Organizing parties and date nights are only part of the fraternity experience. College is difficult for students in their first and second years when maintaining a social life. It is easier to navigate the social scene in Greek events if new members wear custom brotherhood pins to these events.

Common bonds

By joining a fraternity, you join a group. You can build a relationship with one or more people within that group. As you and your friends develop a relationship, you become more dependent on each other. Memorabilia such as custom pins are given as gifts, advice is shared, and memories are passed along.

Rituals and traditions

Fraternities on college campuses are known for their Rush, Legacies, Bigs, and Littles. Many fraternities maintain other secret traditions passed from class to class. Some are funny, some ridiculous, some weird. Custom pins tell these silent stories.

Common Fraternity Pins

Alpha Phi Alpha pins

Alpha Phi Alpha pins symbolize fame. Several prominent African-Americans have affiliated with Alpha Phi Alpha The prestigious organization boasts some serious star power and academic and political excellence and leadership. W. E. B. Du Bois, Justice Thurgood Marshall, Lionel Ritchie, and Martin Luther King Sr. are famous Alpha Phi Alpha members.

Pi Kappa Alpha pins

When you see someone wearing a Pi Kappa Alpha, you see a leader in the making. 285,000 people are members of this group, including over 16,000 undergraduate students, across 220 chapters and colonies in North America.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon pins

These pins are a show of dominance. The highest number of lifetime members in the country belongs to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It has more than 336,000 members. Past members include President William McKinley, William Faulkner, Troy Aikman, Beau Bridges, and Nick Lachey.

Sigma Phi Epsilon pins

Sigma Phi Epsilon pins signify a member's clear vision of the future. In addition to providing undergraduate men with much-needed support, guidance, and structure, Sigma Phi Epsilon's gives men a chance to become part of the fraternity without pledging, which means everyone is treated equally.

Delta Kappa Epsilon pins

Men that wear the Delta Kappa Epsilon pins are seen as men of character. The oldest and most prominent fraternity in the United States, Delta Kappa Epsilon, was founded at Yale University in 1844. It aims to build a highly recognized body with exemplary chapter performance at top universities filled with men of character and capable of making a positive impact on the world in every aspect of their lives.

Sigma Nu Fraternity pins

These pins represent Love, Truth, and Honor. Since the founding of Sigma Nu in 1924, there are over 160 active chapters and colonies in colleges across the United States. This brotherhood is grounded on the highest principles of acceptance and trust. It focuses on the pursuit of excellence and service throughout life.

Your chapter brothers or sisters may appreciate custom pins as gifts. Whether you are attending a professional or casual event, PinProsPlus custom Greek Fraternity pins will look great on you. Whatever fraternity pins or Greek sorority pins you want, you can be sure that we'll deliver the best.

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