How Do Movie Theaters Use Custom Pins

October 16, 2023

‍Movie theater pins are a fantastic novel marketing strategy that deserves more attention.

They work well as rewards in contests and promotions, like badges for employee identity and customer appreciation packages. If you've ever thought of using pins, then it might interest you to know that some of the biggest movie theater brands use them. Here is everything you need to know.

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‍They give away special promotion pins for contests.

Custom pins work great as prizes for raffle drawings, giveaway contests and promotions. One of our largest customers is a movie theater chain in the United States with over 300 locations. These theaters use several different types of custom pins for their promotions:

The first pin set we created for them was a series of four custom pins with two different finishes. They were given prizes to contest winners who correctly guessed which movies would be screened at the theater over the next six months. The promotion was so successful that they asked us to create more than 20 additional pin sets in subsequent years!

They hand out pins to moviegoers who donate to a charity.

Movie theaters are among the largest groups of custom pin buyers. They use pins to raise awareness and funds to support several charitable causes. Movie theater pins can be sold in the concession stand or given away as prizes at a charity event.

These pins help promote various charities and causes, such as Autism Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The proceeds from these sales go directly to the charity they represent. Movie theaters may host events or offer promotions with sponsors where they give away free movie passes or other items in exchange for a donation to a charity they support.

They have employee-only pins that employees wear on their uniforms.

Custom pins are a great way to show off a movie theater's branding. It is common for theatre employees to wear beautifully designed custom pins on their uniforms. These pins often have the name of the movie theater on them, and sometimes even that particular theater's mascot! When you love your job as much as workers at movie theaters do, you want to show it off with a pin!

Custom pins can also act as communication between customers and staff members. For example, if you have a loyalty program that encourages frequent moviegoers to sign up for email reminders, you can use a custom pin as a reminder. This type of thing is possible because custom pins are sent out electronically.

Some theaters have a pin of the month club where subscribers get a new pin every month.

You can sign up for a pin of the month club at some movie theatres. That means you get a new pin every month, and all of those pins are exclusive to subscribers. On top of that, if you sign up for the pin of the month club at your favorite theater, they'll give you a membership card and lanyard featuring their logo.

Theaters can sell movie-themed pins and other collectibles

Movie theaters are often looking for ways to supplement their profits, and one of the most popular methods is to sell collectibles in the lobby. These collectibles tend to be pins (or badges) since they can be manufactured cheaply and sold at a premium price. Most theaters with gift shops will sell logo pins, mascot pins, movie-themed pins, actor pins and concession food pins.

If you're selling your pin in a theater gift shop instead of on a website or in an art gallery, you don't need any fancy bells and whistles. Your customers just want something cheap but fun that represents the movie theater experience.

PinProsPlus is the biggest and best manufacturer of custom movie theater pins.

PinProsPlus is the biggest and best manufacturer of custom movie theater pins. PinProsPlus has been making custom pins for many decades and counts hundreds of theaters as customers. PinProsPlus enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, providing you with peace of mind that your order will be done correctly the first time around.

And, despite all this success, we still have the fastest turnaround times of any pin manufacturer. If you need high-quality enamel pins for your theater staff at a great price, give us a call today at (801) 544-1005!

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